Canadian girl alleges shouting on bus stand about rape by cousin

rapePehowa (Kurukshetra). Pehowa in Kurukshetra town in the evening a huge commotion on the bus by the girl from Canada. The girl had just come down from the shouting that is raped by her cousin. Girl 2 hours Punjab government and continued to abuse his relatives. The police took him to the hospital for medical services. Learn another case, …
– According to eyewitnesses, the girl from Chandigarh, Hisar had moved towards a bus from Pehowa bus.
– The Punjab government land, he loudly and started abusing his family members. The crowd gathered to see it.
– She said her mother is Canadian and her father Ludhiana Sikhs.
– He studied at the Institute of Ludhiana and lives in Canada Oktova.
– The property is in dispute with his father, uncle and his father PGI battling brain tumor disease.
– The girl was accused of wanting to kill his uncle and his father regarding property PGI consisting of doctors and the police want to deal his father mad.
– When he wanted to refer to the father, his uncle assaulted him. He also showed bruises on his body and his cousin accused of rape.
FB friends cross the limit was 18 years, mother of 2 of the Suicide
I am going to quote from Kejriwal Delhi
– The girl said that the Punjab government and police do not believe him, so he was going to meet Kejriwal order to give justice to his father.
2 hours unaided showing Administration
– The absence of women constables, police and ambulance authorities stood out as the helpless. She tries to get closer to the person who threatened him that if it bothered him that his complaint against the RTO.
– The fear of the police and administration officials to stand for two hours just to see the spectacle. Two hours later the police came to the police station of Kurukshetra girl and took his woman.
– SDM Ladies Dalbir Singh said police took the girl to the hospital for medical examination maternal aunt. To verify that the psychological discomfort caused by a drug or not this commotion.

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