Girl claims she is Nagin, her partner nag is also alive

girlBhopal / Guna. He is walking like a serpent. It becomes difficult to handle. Her parents left her in the habit of. But the 19-year-old claims that creation was the serpent. 20 years ago, was burnt to death by her shepherds. His partner is alive snake. That is why the movement was the serpent in the vulva, they are still left. Her dad are upset by this action. He recovers daughter. But this young woman serpent rural treats and give him a similar honor.
The entire village is believed the serpent …
This story is located 6 km from the village of Guna district Mrigwas of Johripura. The serpent is identified as the girl Ahirwars composition. The whole village knows it. The woman in the capacitance of the fire caused by the serpent to remove the so-called Tantric. But still nothing happened. She says her father Jamnalal Ahirwars daughter just fine to see. We are troubled by this habit of his. Do not know what happened to him. His life is ruined. Laws also are frightened. This is due to leave her parents’ house. After all he can not understand what the problem is yet. Many also took Temple and babas. But no solution is found.
The young man then ran bitten by snake bites, the bite Mangsanp wishful serpent filled the girl’s death, young, claims to be alive after 12 hours, the death of the young man from the bite of Unsanp, Bier pick alive, then see what Happened
Tantric ritual conducted by
Tuesday Mrigwas Shiva temple on the hill at 6 km from the young woman had taken. Was made at the behest of tantric ritual. Mantra read half hours. Daughter was unconscious for an hour. But still he is repeating the same thing. When the composition of the mechanism of action was going on, then the surrounding villages gathered thousands of people at the scene. Several other things were moving. She was saying that it is a wishful serpent. It should be locked in a room. This will clear the whole situation.

Tells the life story of the pictures in the books
She is studying in 10th. He also snake-serpent images in books, etc. makes Shivling. Nowhere is the ruins. Where often live snake serpent. Because of the unique problem of her not being able to understand anything. Tantric way of measures explains. But it still is not working properly.
I do not burn, it takes Serpent
When the woman told him that she discussed the serpent. The snake lives on the hill. Shepherds were killed 20 years ago. Then burned. If you do not burn, it takes Serpent. The truth about the woman’s claim, is not ready to speak on this. But the spectacle seems to see him. It takes people flocked.
The disease can also be used or
Mental disease specialist Dr. Rajendra Bhati said, young man, he should act human. Dining, living, all human beings should be like. If he is behaving strangely, it’s no sickness, habit or may imagine. It is a matter of investigation.

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