Jaipur ki sadak main padaa itna bada gaddhha

gaddhaJaipur. Built on the capital’s busiest Gopalpura bypass road along the years a large part of the old bridge watching plunged. Suddenly it occurred amid heavy rain on Tuesday. The continuous movement of vehicles, but as soon as the road subsidence was a part, had stopped the vehicle, watching the large crater left in the street. Then what happened, Know …

– Capital Gopalpura bypass is built on the bridge over the brook.

– Thousands of police vehicles go live this day.

– Sometimes fast sometimes slow rain continued on Tuesday. There was also the constant movement of vehicles.

– Meanwhile, it has started to crater. Seeing a large crater on the road next to the bridge would have gone.

Jam around, stuck vehicle

– With the crater was halted. It was here, long queues of vehicles.

– Suddenly, after the disaster, people do not understand exactly what happened here.

– Apparently, it takes a long queue of vehicles caught such a way that the streets could not own.

– Walked in the streets, they were stuck there because of the narrow streets were difficult to get.

The major event of sewer water pressure

– In fact, the early part of a bridge over the brook of the sewer line is going.

– According to the chief of the rescue operation team had throughout the entire sewer line.

– This was on the road bridge of the water that accumulates in the lower left.

– Increased and the flow of water from the rain that came down the street from the pressure line runs.

– Meanwhile Gdrda grown so that both sides of the road was cut way.

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