Male wrestler defeated by female in just 7 minutes

maleKanpur. The Jageshwar Arena on Monday, had different views. A girl between wrestling among men having given the open challenge. Notably, that the male wrestler was defeated by female in the 7th minute andr won the final round.

First woman in 250-year history, the wrestler Challenge – across the country taking part in the European Athletics arrive in Kanpur.

– On 1 August, a woman in Jhansi Renu also came to see the Cirque.

– Meanwhile, the Cirque Renu Challenge was open to male wrestlers.

– Being told that it was the first time in the 250-year history that a woman has challenged male wrestler.

7 minutes in front of the woman could not last wrestler

– Renu’s Challenge in the European Athletics were surprised, but accepted the challenge of Allahabad Mahendra woman.

– Men and women to see the Cirque numbers and increased congestion.

– Between the two lasted about 7 minutes Cirque.

– The Renu such trounced the Mahendra all surprised to see that her claims.

5 years are learning wrestling Renu

– Renu said, he hails from Jhansi. Maharani Lakshmi Bai learned wrestling arena.

– 5 years he learned wrestling claims. Daily morning and evening around 6 hours of wrestling practices.

– He said, when I came to know of the Cirque in Kanpur so I could not stop myself.

– I had the thrill of Cirque Challenge was open to male wrestler.

– I am glad that now women, men are second to none.

– My dream is for the country to wrestle.

– Renu’s mother Savitri Devi said, after the death of the father of the children has brought great difficulty.

– Renu three sisters, which is the smallest Renu.

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