Shakti Kapoor turns woman

Shakti Kapoor turns woman Mumbai. Shakti Kapoor in his upcoming film “Raktdhar’s busy shooting. When shooting occurred, he white kurta-pajama, maroon colored jacket, hand bangles, nail polish, gold chain around the neck, lips and lipstick is put the red dot on the forehead. Not only that, their hair are enlarged. They are in the movie plays a eunuch and his look has been the subject of discussion. These actors will also be seen in the movie …
Figure films being made under the banner of Shakti Kapoor in this film apart, Mukesh Rishi, Shahbaz Khan, Ahsan Khan, Deepshikha Nagpal, Manish Khanna and Archita Banerjee has also played an important role. The film is written and Ajit Verma as its director.

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