Son kills father for illicit relations with wife

Son kills father for illicit relations with wifeGwalior.  Father had sexual relations with  his son’s wife and  drove sonaway from the house. This son go down well with sharp weapons and on Tuesday, he cut off his father’s neck. The second son, father to a hospital, where doctors declared him dead. Read another case, …
-This Case is Hazira area. Here in the neighborhood Rngiana Patiram Minister of endurance and was living with his two sons.
Dheeraj’s wedding two years ago. Meanwhile, the patient’s father Patiram forced his daughter was having illicit relations with her.
Dheeraj’s father expressed outrage about the relationship Patiram the fight and kicked out of her home, but kept his wife, as well.
Father took revenge by murder
Dheeraj was trying to take revenge on Tuesday morning and came home strongly on father’s neck and stabbed with sharp weapons.
Dheeraj’s brother Narendra father tried to save.
Fled after the attack on -pita endurance. Patiram was taken to the hospital, but he died. Now the police have engaged in endurance find.

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