Uncle kills nephews as wife goes missing

murderKarnal. Karnal police in the past the village canal Gogdipur blood smeared on the track of the body case is resolved. The identity of the deceased open Blind Murder Mystery Raksedha village of Panipat, and charged his uncle as the young man came to Ravi, has been arrested. Went anywhere without telling the wife of the accused …

– Please tell the past 28 to Thursday July canal village Gogdipur blood smeared on the track of a body was found in bushes, whose identity was not. Was feared that his throat slit by a sharp weapon was.

– On Monday, the case has revealed that the body of Ravi was Raksedha village of Panipat.

– Ravi Bruta living village in Karnal district uncle Rajendra alias Raja’s wife had gone anywhere without telling her. Ie Rajendra Ravi felt that his wife’s aunt to know about his family.

– Hence Ravi July 27 by calling Panipat called to meet. Had parked his motorcycle in Panipat and Karnal brought Ravi sit on your bike.

– Both the new grain market in Karnal ate dinner and then go to the canal accused Ravi asked about her aunt and in the event of anonymity threatened to kill.

– Frequently Asked been celebrating Ravi King, his uncle Rajendra alias 5-6 stabbed him with a sword, which he died and the accused fled from the spot.

– Police on the basis of mobile call details of the accused is arrested Gohana in Sonepat district. The police interrogation he revealed the whole incident.

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