Wanted to give surprise, finds wife naked in bed with ex boss

new Delhi. With the aim to spend the weekend with his family early on Saturday, a man took a leave from office. Wife and children, with the purpose of surprise he quietly entered the house. My current situation room in the house, he was a surprise. Disclose how the whole matter …
– The man told police that he is a driver and his boss before he was hired by the house.
– Boss detect illicit relationship with his wife was able to drive the car to the house changed.
– Told police that he lives in Netaji Nagar in south Delhi and come home early from the office on July 30.
– He told me that when he got home he saw his wife in the X boss objectionable condition.
– Then he was angry wife slapping her, then both attacked him.
– His wife caught him and stabbed and beat the boss of the pipe from the hectic.
– After this pitiful state and boss wife banished to her room locked.

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