Weird animal’s pic goes viral on social media

weirdPHOTOS viral on social networking sites have become a peculiar creature. Its face is like the rabbit and tiger, the body is like a dragon. The Planet is also the last dragon. These photos are from Malaysia. Suddenly the house was showing the murder …
Being told that the dragon and tiger of the night was entering the house and began to drive sound like rabbits. The owner of the house opened sleep. When he went out and saw a strange giant creatures have entered the house. The owner of the house with his gun and killed her 8 tablets, thereby killing the organism.
The house owner said I was quite scared. The rabbit and the like Tiger was visible. Its horns and had a mustache. So, I’m on it shoots bullets until then, as long as it was not dead. Later, when the people saw that the planet was the last dragon.

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