Where bargain is made from dead bodies

Patna / Ara (Bihar’s) Bhojpur district’s Sadar hospital patients died after his body has to deal with. Medical Officer’s of the game before the eyes of the bargain but is not any action or initiative. Sometimes they manage to recover money from the men in khaki. It is something of a post-mortem of the country houses where families of deceased workers to dissect the asking price charge. Learn about the case in detail…

– Recent case of Bihar’s Bhojpur. The Sadar Hospital for post-mortem of the bodies came to light that go against Rs.

– The post-mortem autopsy the corpse from the soldering of the family of the deceased in lieu of asking price charge.

– Surprising is that this all happens in front of Afisrs and family immersed in grief after losing loved ones also have to fill the pockets of dealers.

The entire game is a bargain

– The country’s post-mortem autopsy personnel stationed in houses and dissecting the corpse sewing start bidding for Rs.

– This is the amount you access to thousands of the night is the case. Then again depends on how many personnel to recover the money.

– Negotiated after weighing 500 to Rs 600 is charged. The autopsy on the late night is asked for, the more you have to pay.

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