Bodies of love birds found tied with each other after drowning

suratgarhSuratgarh. Who vows to play with seven lifetimes corpse of a man and woman found in canal in Rjiasr station area. When they removed the scarf from both hands were tied. When divers pulled the girl’s body was then dragged him out of the boy’s body. Here is what the whole event …

– The 17-year-old minor Raiyanwali Rajiasr village police station area of ​​the same village, 19-year-old King loved.
– On receipt of these villagers had reservations.
– Both saw that the life they will live with each other.
– So, with both sworn to live and die.
– Sunday night, the two suddenly disappeared from their homes.
– Kin finding them left.
– Indira Gandhi Canal Project 207 rd to police late Monday on both the mobile phone and get slippers.
– Police divers in the water with the help of default fear.
– When the girl’s body was being pulled up from the body of the boy came out with it.
– Both hands were tied with a scarf.
– Police sent the bodies for autopsy.
– Currently, the families of the dead are spared from comment on the matter.

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