Boy ends life as friends blackmail girlfriend

girlfriendRaigad. Chhattisgarh’s Raigarh district, a 18-year-old boy in Kukurda relationship with his girlfriend while made porn videos. Which he took stock of his friends. Those same friends, the boy started to blackmail and pressure when the boy committed suicide by consuming poison. The boy left a suicide note in which the neighboring village said three youths responsible for the entire event. The family was rich girl …
– Suicide Sanjeev eat the boy’s name, which had an affair with a girl who lived in his neighborhood.
– The girl was from economically affluent family. Parents were against this relationship. Sanjeev private moments with the girl a few days ago made an MMS.
– MMS his friends showed up. According to friends, is assaulting the mobile loses her suicide note and video clips on their mobiles have transferred.
– MMS clip later to share with others. The accused allegedly friend Sanjeev viral video demanding money by threatening to.
The girl’s family complained about the matter
– Meanwhile, the girl’s family when he got wind of the complaint lodged against Sanjiv.
– Sanjeev against rape, threatening to solicit money and private porn videos and complained about him spread, after which a case was registered.
Brother said life was in danger

– Sanjeev was depressed for days. Great risk of life to his family when he was telling the parish.
– The victim’s brother Kamlesh three men said they were seeking her constant rupees. He arrived in the same strain killed himself.


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