Brother’s body was lying in front, no one helped, then the sister did this…..

sisterGhatsila (Jharkhand) NH -33 Kyhan Dhalbhumgdh station area between the bike and truck collided. The bike rider died on the spot. While sitting on the bike suffered minor injuries to his sister. He was pleading for help for half an hour, but no one came forward. Accompanied by high pitched been trying to stop people, but no one stopped. What action did not help when he started Arddhvikshipt. The crowd started throwing stones at the spot. Thursday’s event. The body was handed over to the family of the young man to the post-mortem on Friday Gyakaese incident …
Identify -mritk Gautam (22) as said. Gautam went up to the head of the wheel of the truck in the accident, which died on the spot. Shaॅrt circuit bike caught fire after the crash. This bike has been gutted.
Gautam’s sister for help after the accident on-street half an hour was pleading, but nobody came forward to help.
-Everyone Stopped while moving. Among the injured girl on the street with folded hands truck, bus, car, was pleading for help Baikwale.
-Everyone Is a mobile petition, so the family is informed. Accompanied by high pitched been trying to stop people, but no one stopped.
They have not given up the mobile phone to anywhere
– He was constantly pleading with the people so that you are not helping to give his phone so he can call someone, but they did not give him his phone.
-When No one listened, then snapped his composure. Then he lost his temper. There the stones started hitting everyone.
-Mobile Phone to talk to the people involved in abuse. Started hitting them with stones. The yelling and saying that no one came hours after seeking help.

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