Bulandshahr rape committed by Rajasthani nomadic tribals

Bulandshahr. It is involved in robbery and gang rape of Rajasthan is not UP. According to sources, the police and the notorious Salim Babariya STF Bharatpur seek. Being told that Salim’s camp in Bharatpur district, where about 20 days before starting a tour full of gang crime was united.

 Crime is on the basis of ill-omen The gang

– According to information, rainy and cold, about 4 months and Babariya itinerant gangs are active.

– Tour of crime in their language ‘earn out’ is called. These crimes are based on prognostic and ominous.

– Gang crime tour lasts half a dozen states.

– Salim in Bulandshahr Babariya several active gang members also came to be and Relationships.

– According to police sources, the Hapur Shabej Salim gang of crooks is extremely vicious and old.

– In many districts of West UP gang had carried out serious acts. Murder, rape and robbery are included.

After earning quota gang returns to camp

– 20 days ago Salim Babariya gang together on more than 20 tents were crooks Bharatpur.

– In addition to the meeting Sajeb Jaber Singh of Bulandshahr, including the rich and Noida.

– Jaber Singh has recently been involved in several incidents.

– The catch is that Babariya Salim Jaber Singh’s wife is the daughter of a close relative.

– Jbrsinh and his wife were arrested by Noida police.

– Is said to be the wife of the police Jbrsinh Babariya has vital information about the gang.

– Jbrsinh’s wife said, once out of the tent and then return to the camp after the gang was back when 4-5 months ‘earnings quota’ is completed.

– Declare, in the case of rape Bulandshahr police arrested the 3 punks, Jbrsinh them, including the rich and Shabej.



Rais said the car was trapped in farm tractor demand to bring

– Child rapist nobleman family ran kill on sight

– According to police, robbery and rape in Bulandshahr aristocrat was involved in both incidents.

– Hapur wealthy resident of the village awl tractor and run Dnfr works. He has good knowledge of the terrain paths.

– He worked as a guide for the gang. Car stuck in the field, then the prince spoke to the tractor.

– Identification of the victims have also wealthy.

– The police, the victim’s family wept see nobleman, the next moment he rushed to kill him.

– It has a special entry Babariya gang is not an outsider, no matter how important.

– At the moment, the police gang leader, is trying to find Salim Babariya.


Nomadic people live in gang

– Bavaria also learned about the gang involved in the gang are mostly nomadic people.

– A place to hunt after his leaving the place they go to another place.

– The gang mostly north Indian states are carrying out acts.

– The gang is also known by the name of the gang Bniar briefs.

– Bavaria gang crime when people keep their face covered.

– During the event, so it will not get caught on your body coated with oil are carried out for the commission of the crime.



Day seek their prey

– The gang of beggars in residential areas in those days, as workers and seek their prey.

– The day after the RAF marked the house they have stormed the house at night.

– To carry out the crime when they say things that are out on leave.

– The gang with their bars, rope, ax and knife etc. are well.

– These Girahe first entered the house to rob gold silverware.

– The gang of people believe in sorcery-Toka, so act Anjame worship before this gang does.

– By committing crime after gang members to drink alcohol.

– The number of people involved in gang is from 6 to 12. They talk to each other in code. No one can understand their conversation.

– If a gang member convicted traitors if they give him their way.


Haryana, Rajasthan and UP West is active in the gang

– Bulandshahr Bavaria crook who carried out the phenomenon of gang rape were reported gang.

– Dig Lakshmi Singh said Bavaria gang members Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, has a high incidence of robbery loot.

– Bavaria gang members Palwal, Ghaziabad and is jailed in Rajasthan.

– After the gang rape incident in West UP and adjoining districts, including a record of incidents involving Bawrion in Rajyoen being reconstructed.

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