Doggie keeps weeping beside body of dead onwer

doggieBhopal / Jabalpur. The film “Teri Mehrbanian ‘lines of Jabalpur with a pet dog owner did not leave until the last breath. Jabalpur wife then walked a young man committed suicide by hanging himself. The deceased was a woman of the same area a few days ago was a love marriage.

 According to the information of the case, Jabalpur Madan Mahal station area turn Gulua native Kalari is located near the complex accessible. The 26-year-old Dinesh Chaudhary committed suicide by hanging. Tuesday accessible information received by the operator of the complex after the police reached the spot. No suicide note was found from the scene to the police.

 Till the last was with the owner

According to police sources Dinesh located at some distance from their home late Monday accessible complex will go to hanged. Dinesh’s dog was with him at the time of the incident. The dog sat at his master’s body overnight wept, which was viewed by the operator of the complex, accessible on Tuesday morning.

 The young was upset with wife

Ganesh Chaudhary told the police that the victim’s brother Dinesh link road, lived in a rented room. Some time ago he had married a young woman in love. A few days after the marriage had begun to quarrel between the two, which angered the woman went home, leaving his parents’ house. Dinesh wife several times but he has not made efforts to bring back. Dinesh sad and committed suicide. After initial screening, the wife of the police does not agree to leave because of the suicide.

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