man marries 15 years older mother of 11

siberian Many people in the world, women tend to marry older than his age. One couple was from Siberia of Russia Tatiana and her husband are Goluskova Egan. Egan, where 23-year-old, but the 38-year-old Tatiana. Moreover, there are 11 children from the first marriage of Tatiana. Egan did not tell small children about 15 years in …
Tatiana said that I was already married, but my husband was mostly drunk. Divorce files that I made, but the court refused to grant the divorce. The Court said that the 11 children without a job how Palogi. So I started a job in the workshop of Cook. Meanwhile Egan met and fell in love between us. However, despite the love I Egan told about their 11 children.
Egan said Tatiana loves me. For this reason, I feel really bad that I had to hide from her own children. However, one day, I feigned to view movies Egan told of their 11 children. In the beginning he was very scared, but later decided to marry me. Please tell Egan loves football, and he wants to go Spain. His favorite team is FC Barcelona. Egan came closer to children because of football.

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