Mother’s saheli throws her daughter in flesh trade

Gorakhpur: Under the guise of a woman tonsure ceremony took his friend’s daughter home. The two-day business of the house with a racket and forced to dance orchestra. However, when she refused to do so, then raped her shackled hands and feet were made. Then tried to kill throat tightly. The fired from her private parts warm Hsiye trowel. Another case, …

– Chauri Chaura a woman living in the area, a 22-year-old daurapeghter and two sons.

– A few days after her husband’s death Sibpur maiden lady took my children’s lives in the village.

– Expenses of the family to run the Railway Stadium Colony girl 4 years ago in the home of an officer works within the household.

– He lives in a village near Kushinagar and orchestra was a lady running friendship with Queen aka Priya.

– Priya, a woman never realizing that he would be the operator of the orchestra and behind it is also involved in the racket.

A week ago she came to her mother in Varanasi

– The victim of Varanasi on July 11, his mother came to the Syed Modi Railway Stadium Colony.

– Denn tell that woman to her daughter two years ago to work for a railway officer of Varanasi was sent home.

– On July 17, the mother of the young woman came to the Beloved. He looked at the young woman.

– Quote from the young woman’s mother and her friend in her home two days after the baby’s tonsure ceremony, he held in his home tonsure ceremony daughter wants to join. Priya then took him to his home.

– Two days, she discovered that the woman living in the house on the pretext of false and incorrect business also provides orchestration.

If the refusal was overthrown tyranny of racketeering

– The victim said the two-day victory at home until the woman’s husband was good to her.

– She realized that love is not the home of a tonsure ceremony.

– He said to love him now that the aunt let her exile.

– The name of the boy king in the house and there were three other women.

– Preity told the king came to his house to give it right. The woman then left.


Hands and feet were tied rape, fired hot sickle Private Parts

– The victim said the king, together with three other women in the room, his hands and feet tied up and raped her. Then brutally beaten with a stick.

– Hasia trowel and other parts of the body including the heat burned his private parts.

– He was too drunk, he did not know what happened to her during this.

– On the third day regain consciousness, he asked to dance in racketeering and Orchestra.


Her mother came to the village with the help of

– She said yes to dance in racketeering and Orchestra on July 21 after it left.

– Neem his wounds were washed with water and medicine.

– On Friday, the king and the other three women in the house were asleep.

– He ran out of the house through the roof in some way.

– Working in the farm with the help of a woman arrived in another village.

– The villagers helped.

– With the help of his cousin’s friend the night of July 22 and reached Gorakhpur.

The accused are absconding

– The victim’s mother reported the incident to the Kent police.

– Information the girl with the soldiers and policemen Abhay Mishra CO Kent reached the victim’s house.

– Police investigated and District Hospital for medical treatment at night she was admit.

– CO Kent Abhay Mishra registered a case searches were conducted at the place indicated, but the house was locked all the accused are absconding.

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