Woman beats sister’s boyfriend with slippers, couple takes shelter in police station

lovers Dhanbad (Jharkhand). a lover couple reached Dhanbad Women police station here Tuesday morning. They requested the court to protect them. Both of their families reported from Dhanbad Jodhafatk caught and they arrived here by searching them. Boyfriend-girlfriend came to know it, so they reached the police station fleeing woman. His relatives arrived. Then there was uproar in the station long enough. Girlfriend’s sister beat the sister’s boyfriend in the police station with slippers. Out of fear the lover couple did not move out of the police station…

-premi Added was not out of fear of the police station. Both families waited to come out. According to police, Sonu and Neha Jumra turning the residents of Chatra. Sonu court clerk works.

 While studying in college they were both first acquaintance, and love. They married on July 26 Chatra Court.

 Both fled from fear of -prijnon Chatra, Dhanbad, reached on August 1. It lived in a rented house in Jodhafatk.

 – their families began searching for them, so they went to Dhanbad. Here, the couple does not trust his family.

Both Said that they would commit suicide if they were, separated. So both want to stay with. Both families live here with the police to provide protection is sought.

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