Car of 5 drunk girls falls into valley

Indore. The party drew five girls returning from the pub at midnight when their car went off all the drugs that fell into a drain. Khajrana the incident late Wednesday in Mahalakshmi Nagar police station area was close. After falling in the valley, the surrounding people arrived there was a huge sound. The car fell in the valley, the five Drunken girls were trapped in the car …

drunk– Late Night Parties stir up a ruckus in the girls drink is now common in the city. A similar scene unfolded Wednesday night in Mahalakshmi Nagar.

– Around one o’clock in the night, a white car was taken. The car was quite Speed. Suddenly vanished from the road car, waving.

– People around huge sound when listening to the car flew down into the valley saw Tulsi Nagar. In fact, did not disappear from the road after the car waving, but fell into the river 10 feet down the road.

– Steeped in the valley looking car they were riding in the car to help people. As soon as some people were inside the car, he looked surprised. A girl on the driving seat of the car she was riding in the car besides 4 girls were sitting.

– Five girls were drunk, so drunk that were not able to stand straight. Somehow they got out of the car and then reported to the police of these.

– The police team rushed to the spot before the women fiercely reprimanded, then handed over to their parents called them.

– According to police, all the girls are college students and Vijay Nagar Mall C-21, were returning from the pub Party constrained. He was released with a warning to their families.


In the past there have been many events

– There have been instances in the past where a drunken girls have become a cause of trouble for the police.

– Vijay Nagar outside a mall in a foreign girl was drunk and assaulting his friend left the police came to his house.

– Jaora night around two o’clock in the compound once a sensation girls were riding in the car, the woman had left the police brought them all to their hostel.

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