Even judges to be punished for using social sites during working hours

judgesChandigarh. Working hours of spending time on social sites could be too heavy for judges. The Punjab and Haryana High Court has ordered that the judges in working time to surfing the net will be punished. These will be disciplinary action. These rules apply to the High Court was just before. Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh has been fixed for all the courts. The order, effective immediately
– The High Court on Wednesday issued an order.
– The order sent by the Registrar General has immediate effect. All sessions of judges has reached a copy.
– It has been said, “the time of the functioning of the court officials, judges and lawyers may not see social networking sites. Meanwhile, Facebook, WhatsApp or status updates on Twitter while no action was taken against him. ”
Family and emergency contact in the Internet
The court made it clear that the staff in the emergency contact for your family members can use the internet or phone. Also the use of the Internet will not be anywhere.
Complaints to the High Court was
– Indeed, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had long complained that officers and Employees are busy on the Internet.
– Before the High Court had ordered his staff too.
– Said, “is open to the authority that some staff members in their mobile office time WhatsApp and Facebook are run.”
– Judges of the High Court also discussed. Three or four days before the High Court applied the guidelines in this regard to its staff.
– Now has to cover all district courts.
Jobs in Europe could be
– Employees of the European Human Rights Court decided that the company can monitor Internet activities.
– If Imploi, the company is using the Internet for private purposes in the first warning to be given to him. Yet he does so, the company fired him on this can.
What unfolded Mai Hiring Service survey?
1. 57%: spend an hour every day on social networking sites.
2. 29%: 11-12 hours a week, see the shopping sites.
3. 60%: in the office to use the Net for personal work.

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