Love coupe end life by jumping before train

Kishangarh. Kishangarh in Ajmer on Wednesday a couple Frasia railway gate was suicide by jumping in front of trains. The incident stirred up on the spot. The lovers of Faridabad, Haryana is from. Rajasthan had fled from home …
– Devendra, 21, a resident of Faridabad in Haryana and 20 urban mine ten days
Rajasthan come home before fleeing.
– Couple days staying in Ajmer, Kishangarh then just deliver. The two have come at Kishangarh railway gate and waited for the arrival of the train.
– According to the railway gate guard hand held both the train and the train has jumped ahead. – The train speed is said to be around one hundred kilometers. The accident was so great patchwork of bodies scattered on the track.
– Occurrence of detection and GRP police station Madanganj guard immediately reported to Kishangarh.
– Police were on track Swaen searched mutilated condition, including both documents and clothes were found near the base card.
Marriage form found in the bag
– The couple have received a bag, as well as other documents which form the court marriage were.
– According to police, the girl’s family had filed a missing report in the police station in Haryana.

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