Man was impotent, handed over wife to Jeth on first night, raped for 8 days

Meerut. The SSP Office arrived a woman told her husband impotent. The woman alleged that her husband gave himself impotent to have sex with his older brother said. Police action after investigating the woman’s complaint said. Day honeymoon husband has revealed …
– The case is Thanakshetr Teepinagr. On March 27, 2016 Reshma (name changed) was married to Naeem.
– Reshma “The honeymoon days Naeem refused to make the physical relationship.”
– “Moreover, in order to hide their impotence Naeem had a fight with me.”
– “Then I went to my parents’ house, but on July 1 Naeem persuade me brought back in-laws.”
– “That night Naeem relationship with his older brother said to me.”
– “When I refused it, he accused me of being immoral assault.”
Law is concerned erected wife
– SSP said Reshma in the application, “the night of July 1 after beating his brother Naim Salim called the room.”
– “Then you told me that this will create a physical relationship. This he walked from the room. ”
– ‘Husband, Salim, 6 days after the rapes in the room and I was laid off. ”
– “When I told her mother about it, she threatened me with death if no one will say anything.”
Family members told stories
– Reshma said, he returned home in July and told family stories.
– On July 25, the written complaint by the victim in the SSP office had demanded action.
– But until now there has been no action in the case.
– The victims say that the accused persons not to compromise are threatening to kill him.

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