Nursing students in love with uncle commits suicide

Agra. A girl in love with her uncle after deceit was suicide by hanging. The girl was a nursing student. Student suicide before he wrote a suicide note, have been seized by the police. In addition, police also found a diary of the student. He has also been seized. Police on Wednesday accused escaped from the house in search of her cast, but she did not.

What do you think, I can not die, I’m going to be in love

– The case of the station area is completely Kailash.
– A resident of Faizabad student Alvira (name changed) to rent rooms in Agra was studying nursing.
– Alvira in the city are also the uncle-aunt. These Alvira’s parents had entrusted the care of her daughter.
– August 1 Alvira was suicide by hanging himself in his room.
– According to information received, Alvira warts news of the hanging came to see him.
– He fled from the scene of student mobile and chain.
– To the deceased police found a suicide note, which says, ‘What do you think, I can not die, I am going to be in love.’

The niece had made physical relations

– As soon as the news of the suicide of the daughter and her parents arrived at Agra.
– To look after alleging that Alvira warts Devesh had trapped him his love.
– Alvira times with the same excuses he made a physical relationship.
– The deceased’s brother, Amit, said Devesh We had never doubted.
– August 1 night Alvira Devesh by calling the mother told the truth.
– He said, “able to face her uncle had not left me somewhere. For this reason, I am going to suicide. ”
– So he was hung by Alvira. Then we come to Agra.
– According to the information received, and Alvira Devesh aunt found the information about the relationship.
– He took it to Alvira was reprimanded. Some days Devesh had distanced from the Alvira, which was not like Alvira.

The accused student was called up friends, going to the suicide, Go and
– Alvira said Madhu’s friends and landlord’s daughter, a long-time relationship between Alvira and Devesh.
– Devesh some time and were having a dispute in Alvira.
– I did not know even that Devesh has his warts, because the cousin told Devesh by Alvira.
– I got a call the night of the incident Devesh, he was said to be a fight with Alvira.
– Also he said that suicide is going to Alvira.
– By the time I arrived in the room was hanging Alvira. Devesh same time came and saw Alvira fled with his mobile and chain.

What’s more, police say …

– SP City Sushil dissolved, said Devesh on Tahrir of kin has been registered a murder case against.
– Search for him is going on. Wednesday was raiding his house, but he did not.
– Student suicide note found near the suicide seems to be the case. After the autopsy report would disclose terms.
– Referring to the suicide note the deceased is the only lover. However, in his diary wrote Devesh and his relationship full cast roll.

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