Sons raped, father poisoned girl

Bharatpur. The gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Bharatpur abortifacient named after the sensational case of poisoning said. The poison was also the father of the accused. Worse after eating poison pill child, and she died. Learn about the traumatic incident ……..

– In the case Kaman village is Kechatan Jurhra station area.

– Amla’s family lives here. Amla miles away from his home in Hyderabad JCB runs.

– She had come home from the last few days.

– Everything was fine at home, but her 16-year-old daughter was upset by the last two-three days. Last night, his condition worsened.

– He began to swirl and he reached Ardhbehoshi condition.

– Amla Jurhra child brought to the hospital.

– The doctors examined the child has been poisoned.

– Knowing Amla began crying.

– Condition deteriorated, doctors said the baby was referred to Bharatpur.

– Amla child with his family last night came from Bharatpur.

– The child was admitted to hospital in Bharatpur Arbim.

– The morning he died during treatment.

Village with my four boys did a bad job

– Amla the Bharatpur police, who told her daughter to hospital in Jurhra heard him I became afraid.

– Amla daughter told him the village was raped by four boys.

– Daughter of the village said Irshad, son Subba Subedin Ibber and Shabbir alias Omar raped and son Arif.

– After this, the accused threatened if he told anyone about anything, they will kill him.

– She said she remained silent out of fear.

– Irshad and then frightened, intimidated Subedin father Ibber Wednesday abortifacient pill to eat him.

– Shot after dinner and come home. Then his condition deteriorated.

– Amla abortifacient name of the child had been poisoned.

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