This is India’s first toilet cafe

Ahmedabad. Worldwide there are many hotels and cafes, which are famous for their strange-wonderful specialties. Abroad to the cafe where people eat sitting on the commode. One such cafe in Ahmedabad, which is the country’s first cafes. It ‘restroom Cafe’ has been named and many celebrities have arrived here the whole theme focuses on the toilet …
This is India's first toilet cafeYou’d be surprised at this cafe is always crowded tremendous. Tea and snacks can be enjoyed here. The café also attracts celebrities. APJ Abdul Kalam, Prime Minister, from here, the Dalai Lama, has visited Amitabh Bachchan.
Anandi Ben is the son of the Idea

Anandi Patel, director of the law school are located here cleaning. Ishwar Bhai Patel was founded in 1967. First, he created the Garden of school toilet theme. The aim was that the scavengers have been changes in the attitudes of people who see the evil eye. Cleaning the school after becoming director Jayesh Patel toilet Garden Cafe changed. Jayesh Patel Gujarat CM Anandi Patel Patel is married to the daughter of the pomegranate.

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