Father held effort to rape daughter

Ludhiana. A father with his own 22-year-old daughter tried to rape her wedding planning. When the daughter protested the father attacked him with a knife. Bled condition for dead daughter unconscious fear of the police before he stabbed his body with a knife and then committed suicide by hanging herself with the fan Likpita daughter was compromised …
– A relative of the person who died a long time ago, said her marriage was in Andhra Pradesh. But due to a domestic dispute at his wife moved except Jalandhar.
– She then married in Jalandhar. His second wife, two daughters were born. Gradually, the accused family settled in Andhra Pradesh began making their relationship.
– She found out that her daughter is studying in college. He made contact with her daughter. He brought from Andhra Pradesh, Jalandhar. It was in a fight in his house.
– Families that have prevented him from seeing his antics had quarreled. The accused had begun to run again in Jalandhar Auto.
Forced to marry the daughter of …
– The victim and the accused was my father used to molest me. At times to resist the threat of death did.
– The accused forcibly married me. Protest assault on marriage. On Thursday morning, the accused locked me in the room.
– So I tried to force me to express protest started. The accused was angry and beat me with a knife attacked.
– With the intention to kill him, stabbed him on my neck. Therefore I fell unconscious and the accused got me dead.
– When I was lying on the floor on the first accused himself attacked with knives and things like rope hanging suicide have the support of the fans.
– I heard people scream in the room and he was taken to hospital by ambulance. Someone in the crowd put down body hanging from the ceiling fan.
Case recorded
– The injured girl’s wailing rushed to the spot on hearing the police have informed the people around Pdhaes.
– Civil Hospital, police brought the wounded girl and a chance after inspecting the body occupying sent for postmortem.
– The police statement, the victim attempted to rape case has been registered and are in charge of the attack.
People had taken a loan
– The accused persons had taken a loan of Rs 5 lakh. His family from whom he bothered.
– About 1 year ago from Jalandhar she ran away from home by selling auto and other items. On which his family members filed a complaint.

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