He robbed ATM to meet Katrina Kaif

Jaipur. Due to Katrina Kaif’s obsession, one of his fans created problems when he tried to arrange the money to visit Mumbai. When he could not raise the money to get the same result he decided to rob ATM with the help of his two friends at Malviya Nagar but ended up in nstead of Mumbai. Read the full story

– Saurabha, 19-year resident of Jhalana township is a fan of Katrina Kaif.

– Awake or asleep, he thinks about all the time Katrina Kaif. He sees Katrina’s first day first show a film.

Katriena Kaif– Saurabh arrangements had been looking for money to visist Mumbai to meet Katrina

– A hand-foot hit, but could not arrange. However, his 19-year-old friend who lives in primitive civilization Dharmendra met him.

– Dharmendra buy big house and wanted to wander in every corner of the country.

– Just what was planned to rob ATM odor and Dharmendra.

– The plan includes his friend was a minor.


Couple separated by fear of suicide, to the last breath before her daughter was shackled to hold Hathaman rape, to know what happened that night


– Saurabh discovered that the accused in Bank of Baroda ATM Rico Malviya Nagar where night after 2 pm is not guard.

– The night is deserted atmosphere. Nearby forest.

– Just what it was. Around 2 am on August 1. The three friends went to the ATM to break the bars. Saurabh was revealed that Rs 20 lakh in cash, while at that time was only three and a half million dollars and the ATM was poor.

– ATM was missing from the guard.

– He seemed to be confined in one activity CCTV. They tried hard to break for about 20 minutes ATM.

– Demolition of the voice wakes up to a nearby resident said. He showed some activity at the ATM and made a call to the police.

– Police took advantage of the darkness comes a trio fled to the wilderness.

– Police found CCTV footage. Started to look at the area.

– Three days later accused the police handle odor was gone. After questioning her friend also caught up with Dharmendra.

– The minor friend is absconding.

– Saurabh questioned admitted to seeing Katrina Kaif.

– Both have studied only till the 8th. Katrina also found many photographs of odor.

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