Man, girlfriend kill wife, hide corpse in house and have fun

new Delhi. A sensational case came to light in the capital, where, together with girlfriends husband killed his wife. Both accused had hidden the corpse in bed for two days. Dead body they used to cook and fun. Both were sleeping on top of the corpse …
– This event in Delhi Shakarpur police station area on July 27 near the home of a woman found dead in sacks came after closing.
murder– The name of the accused, Feroz, his girlfriend Suman was killed together with his wife to aleemaa.
– Killing zombies bed was placed in the box and put the corpse in front of the accused riotously been with my girlfriend.
– Before being told that the murder was a quarrel between the three, followed by two aleemaa murder noose around the neck of sardine.
– Investigation revealed that the corpse’s face to hide the identity was badly deteriorated.
– Of people around the house begins to stink Feroz was the reason people were suspicious.
Revealed that the murder
When questioned by her live-in partner was -firoj and then told to live-in with aleemaa Feroz 4 years ago, which was once in the middle and took off with aleemaa except Feroz.
– Meanwhile, the friendship Firoz was from a woman named Suman and Suman stayed with it.
– Then, suddenly, came home one day aleemaa Firoz. Feroz here and seeing both with reproaches and said Suman.
– Feroz police also told interrogators that he was married aleemaa go to Assam. However, this is still no evidence.
Do not have any regrets …
– It is surprising that even after the arrest of Feroze has no regrets.
– At the moment both are in police custody accused Feroze and Suman.
– Feroz and collect evidence from the police custody is being tried.

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