Mother herself brought clients for prostitution with daughters

Indore / Neemuch. Neemuch police informant reported raid on a house on the views of a police officer, was aghast. Two women in the house had its own minor daughters were prostitution. Police picked up the two women and his other companions rescued girls. The police team also got plenty of room all objectionable stuff. And sent to the customer with daughters, had let himself out of the room, watching …

– The case of Neemuch City station. For several days the police to conduct the business of prostitution in the area Jetpura was notified.
– On Thursday when police informant reported similar, the police team into action.
– After checking the information, police teams secretly turned out right.
– The police team arrived at the customer as the house there were two women, Manju husband Sunil Ram and Sharda’s husband. He arrived in the guise of policemen in front of the customer put both girls.
– When asked by the client is not afraid of the police, the two women do not you worry bid, comfortable room and that is to do, we are keeping an eye out here.
– Hidden in plain clothes then became customers around the policeman and his colleagues pointed to the spot, the police team rescued two women picked up the girls.
– The police team interrogating shocked when they found out that the real daughters of women undergoing both business and both girls are Nablig.
– The police team on the spot both cases women Manju husband Sunil Ram and Sharda’s husband was detained.
– Check the amount of room in the police team also found objectionable goods and bottles of wine.
As soon as the apology was arrested
As soon as the police arrested two women both had apologized with folded hands. Both the police officers said they would not further the crime. Although both women and girls by police officers immediately rushed to the woman’s home improvements.

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