Why no fuss as thousands of cows die here every month

JAIPUR: Cows in BJP ruled Rajasthan are struggling to live as each day around 90 cows die of hunger or succumb to a disease in the state capital alone. The situation persists at a time when Rajasthan boasts of having the only cow department in the country for the protection of the animal. As per the records at Hingonia Gaushala, a cattle shelter owned by Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC), on an average 90 cows are dying everyday, inside and outside the shelter.

cowDue to mismanagement at the shelter, most of these cows die drowning in Daldal created by cowdung piled up deep in trenches as there is no system to drain water.

In-charge at the Gaushala, said, “There are 9,000 cows in the JMC shelter. In the year 2014-15, on an average 40 cows died per day here at the shelter. Also, no appropriate diet is available at the shelter. Sources at the shelter said, “There is acute shortage of green fodder, mineral and vitamins that can help the diseased cow recover. Here only dry fodder is provided that just helps them sustain.”

After the staff of nearly 200 employees failed to reduce the causalities, JMC is planning to give the shelter to private players.

In October last year Otaram Devasi was made Rajasthan’s minister in charge of cow affairs to secure the future of cows in the desert state. When TOI tried to contact the minister, he was unavailable for comment.

The efforts to control the death toll in the state capital failed despite high court orders.

In 2011, on a petition of Jago Janta Society, the high court had ordered an independent inquiry on the condition of cow shelters in the Hingonia Gaushala and had appointed an advocate as a commissioner in the case.

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