Man living with lion for last 12 years

Cape Town. Lion means to embrace death. But many people in the world who are able to make these dangerous animals your friends. 70 years Freaky von Solms in Cape Town, South Africa is one such person, who has been living for the last 12 years with a lion. Indeed, were the work of caring for lions freaky profession. He gave special attention to the child over a lion and said both friendship over. Freaky, said African lion species, which is considered the most dangerous. But we both like a friend to live together and understand each other’s feelings.

lionThe lion’s name is Jion. Simba’s lioness gave birth to the name. But the fear that the lion shall eat her cubs baby stayed apart. Then, one day when I was going to walk Won, Lion reached with him. Since then, the two have become friends. Won running shoes tend to be noisy, it gets upset lion. Won Knowing this shoe off and started walking with lions.

Won says, “It is extremely wonderful experience. Do not get such an opportunity again. I just live with lions, but lions every stage of life have been well aware of. ” Won said they see lions just like the lion, but the lion is also the personality, he laughs and it also has a sense. He said that the lion did not hit any person and they totally believe in him.

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