Air hostess goes viral on social sites

Photo of  an air hostess has gone viral on social sites. She is seen with torn clothes smeared by blood after getting injured in terrorists attack at Brussels air port. When the picture went viral she felt ashamed, but her children said to her that there is no need to be ashamed since she has done a heroic deed of saving lives of others even after getting injured.

air hostess
Nidhi Chaphekar, the Jet Airways flight in-charge who was injured in the March 22 Brussels terror attacks, returned to India on Friday morning for further treatment and recovery, an official said.

“Chaphekar has made significant recovery from her injuries sustained during the blasts at Brussels airport. She is in good spirits and very happy to be back with family,” a Jet Airways spokesperson said.

Chaphekar, 42, who flew down from Belgium late Thursday, was shifted from Mumbai Airport to Breach Candy hospital for the next phase of her recovery programme as outlined by the medicos.

Admitted to Grande Hospital de Chaleroi in Belgium, Chaphekar, who sustained a fractured foot and 15 percent burn injuries, was accompanied by her husband Rupesh Chaphekar.

Shortly after landing she had a happy but emotional reunion with her family members including two children — son Vardhan, 14, and daughter Vrishi, 11 — whom she met first time in over six weeks, said her nephew Samir.

Chaphekar and her flight manager Amit Motwani, were among the injured as two blasts ripped through the Zaventem Airport. The attack left 34 people killed including an Infosys employee, Raghavendran Ganeshan.

Chaphekar will continue the treatment for her leg injuries with the airline providing necessary support to her and the family.

“Our priority is to ensure that she continues to receive the best medical care and attention so she can resume her normal life at the earliest,” the spokesperson said.

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