Boyfriend cuts women into several pieces

Raipur. At Bhilai in Chhattisgarh, police revealed in a sensational murder case. In case of doubt, boyfriend got his Girlfriend drunk then strangled her tied her hands and feet. Not only that, he cuthas the woman’s head, hands and feet cut off from its body. He chopped the body into several pieces, stuffed them in a sack (bori) and threw it in the jungle.

cut– According to police, 24-year-old accused of Kanwal  Deshmukh had love-affair with Subhadra Yadav living in Maroda (Bhilai)

– Kamal would doubt that. He did not want to be concerned with someone else.

– The suspect was later turned into hate. Burning in the flames of hatred he decided to kill Subhadra.

– The accused had carried out the incident on July 28. Subhadra Kuthral accused him drunk in the ancestral house. Then he strangled her hands and feet tied.

– After a sharp knife cut off the head from the torso. And limbs cut the corpse into pieces casts.

Planted in the sack filling whereabouts

– Subsequent to the torso in a sack of cement and the rest of the body in the sack looked forward to filling the villagers farm.

– When most people of the village and moved to the farm in the village accused the movement has diminished sack dumped in a desolate area.

– Police recovered the body of a woman cut into several pieces has.

Rarest of rare case considered

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