Case against Baba Phool Nath for bid to rape 7 years old girl

baba2Hansi (Haryana) A case of attempt rape of a seven-year-old girl has been filed against Dera Baba Raju Nath’s Baba Phool Nath over which Panchayat was held in the  SHO Devendra Nain panchayat joined with the whole team.

Police are searching for absconding baba.

– Police on the complaint of the girl’s mother tried to rape on Baba, Pokso including threatening to kill and have registered a case under various provisions.

– The registration of cases is not in the Dera since Baba.. Meanwhile, a large number of devotees have stood in support of Baba.

– Saturday, pilgrims Dera panchayat. Police also arrived.

– The police said the case is made, will be involved in the investigation. Otherwise the police to pick up Baba. Hours-long panchayat inconclusive.

– Devender Singh Nain panchayat SHO Sadar police arrived. A large number of devotees were already in the Dera. Baba told the innocent people in the Dera.

involved in the investigation. If he will not join the police will arrest them.

Baba clothes were Utrwaa: police

– SHO Devendra panchayat in Nain, in the case of Baba recording a phone call to the police came.

– In response Sewadaron Ajit, Hawa Singh, Pritam Kumar said she had stolen money during worship at the Dera.

– Baba had searched the girl’s clothes Utrwa. He also argued that the child’s clothes and body language seemed to know that she is a girl or boy.

– Money child were recovered during the search. The victim’s family was also informed.


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