Girls saves chastity by jumping from auto rickshaw

Bhopal, Aug 06 : A 22-year-old woman jumped out of a moving auto-rickshaw in order to escape molestation attempted by the auto-driver in Madhya Pradesh’s capital city Bhopal. The victim is currently undergoing treatment at a city hospital.

girlShe went for an interview at a hotel. On returning from there, she hired an Auto to Lalghati from Panchavati. However, instead of Lalghati the driver was taking elsewhere. Meanwhile, the girl jumped from the auto, injured girl was people taken to hospital.  The girl was a victim of the accident originally hails from Hoshangabad. She lives in a rented room in the area Roshanpura in Bhopal.

Her mother Chitralekh information went straight to the hospital. The daughter was being treated. Hers head, chin, ears and stomach several injuries. Daughter said that the auto driver threatened him,

Auto driver took the girl on the way out of town. The girl was shouting for help from the auto, but no one heard her voice. Showing bravery girl jumped from autp near Mayo Hospital. Then come to the aid of people through the way. By then, however auto rickshaw driver fled. Hamidiyah him in hospital where his treatment continues.



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