Girls say warden wanted them to serve as prostitutes

In yet another case of crime against women, two girls of a Nari Niketan in Satna accused their warden of forcing them into prostitution. The girls, Rani and Kavita(name changed) reported the matter to police and recorded their statement in SDM court in this connection.

In their statement they alleged that boys used to visit girls hostel during odd hours and warden allow them to enter hostel premises.

nariIn one such incident, a boy entered into Rani’s room and forcefully tried to make physical relation with her. She was saved by her room mate who threatened the accused to kill him with a sharp weapon.

Warden’s role came to light when both the girls were hidden in a bathroom and heard her talking with some boys regarding the sale and purchase of hostel girls. The warden was planning to sell Rani in Rs 50,000 and Kavita in Rs 1.75 lakh, they said.

They further told that they escape from the hostel with the help of a sweeper who somehow came to know about warden’s plan and left the hostel gate open for them to flee.

Noteworthy, Rani who hails from Madhya Prdaesh’s Damoh district has started living in Nari Niketan after she has eloped with her boyfriend and asked police for safety from the family members. However, Kavita is an orphan and hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Chitrakoot district.


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