Rain of fishes on Mumbai-Pune Highway

fish 2OSRU Bhanukumar – an expert in Oceanography in Andhra University and an environmentalist of repute explains that this uncommon phenomenon is caused due to water column or Tornadoes. He explains that Tornadoes resembling funnel – shaped cloud have the tendency to suck in water, as well as water animals or anything that comes in its way into its current.




fish 1Thus there has been many incidents throughout history when people had witnessed flightless animals falling down from the sky. Although it sounds quite harmless, it is causing serious environmental degradation and is disrupting the natural course of nature’s operation. Due to this phenomenon, greenery has been fast disappearing. Furthermore, it is also giving way to a rather unusual moisture level in the atmosphere.

Who knows probably the person who had composed this idiom might have experienced animals raining down upon him from the sky too!



fish 3

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