Rs. 1.37 crore offered for this bufallo, owner wants Rs. 5 crore

buffaloShimla: At Hamirpur Brtinkhi an owner has kept price of hi he buffalo at Rs 5 crore. The owner Sahib Singh refused to sell  it for Rs 1 crore 37 lakh. Eight years ago, he bought a she buffalo in Haryana at Rs. 87 lakh. This she buffalo gave birth  to this she buffalo two and a half years ago. People from many any states have placed bids to purchase this buffalo, which reached Rs. 1.37 crore. Name of the he buffalo is Ranjha. people come from far and wide to see Ranjha.

Ranjha’s bid started at Rs. 52 Lakh and stopped at Rs. 1 crore 37 lakh. In bidding, people from other states also participate. The owner of Ranjha Sahib Singh kept Ranjha’s value Rs. 5 crore. People come from far away to see this Murrah bread buffalo.

Ranjha’s diet is very important. Sahib Singh told that Ranjha daily eats 1KG desi Ghee, 5KG Chane, 5KG apple and 10 liters Milk. Moreover, Ranjha consumes two kilograms of oil for daily massage.

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