Tamasha over old woman’s prediction about her own death

Indore: High drama persisted in Agar Malwa district overnight as a large crowd gathered at Jamli village following a prediction by a 70-year-old woman that she will die on Saturday morning. As health department officials and villagers looked on in large police presence, the bubble burst. The deadline of death – 7.10am – predicted by Rajkunwar Bai ended without any development. She was taken to a hospital by the police and declared ‘perfectly fine’.

tamasha“Her blood pressure and heart beat were normal. She was being administered saline as she had stopped having regular diet since last five days,” treating doctor told reporters.

The prediction had drawn huge crowd from neighbouring villages. People were camping at her house chanting prayers and offering respect to the woman.

The prediction drew strength from the fact that Rajkunwar Bai, around six months ago, told her neighbour that she will die two days from the day she pronounced it. The neighbour died on the day she said so, villagers claimed.

Soon after, Rajkunwar Bai claimed that she will die on August 6 at 7.10am in her sleep. The woman used to walk using a stick. After the prediction, she seemed to let go of it, they said.

Rajkunwar Bai had told her relatives that she does not want a gala function. Distribute sweets four days after her death, is what she has told them, said sources.

Agar police had deployed personnel in strength to avert any untoward incident.

Rajkunwar Bai’s relatives did not allow the doctors to examine.

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