Ghost floating toward CCTV camera

THIS footage captures a ghostly figure which appears to be hovering through a 130-year-old building – terrifying a worker who was alone and working late.

Liam Woodgates, 31, was alone re-wiring the security system when the white spectre drifted in by a selection of vintage t-shirts on the fourth floor.

floatingThe chilling 15-second footage shows the apparition on the far side of a clothing rack float towards the camera, before turning and disappearing on Tuesday night.

Workers at Hopkinson Vintage, Antiques and Art Centre in Station Street, Nottingham, believe the figure is the ghost of the wife of the original owner.

A haunting shape (TOP LEFT) has been caught on CCTV cameras “browsing” around a shop

“I saw this ghostly figure floating through the rails”

Liam Woodgates

Liam said: “Out of the corner of my eye I spotted – on channel 16 – something moving.

“I thought there must be someone in the building, you hear all these stories of people hiding in shops and breaking out at night.

“As I looked at it I saw this ghostly figure floating through the rails.

“I waited for it to come back a bit longer after that but I didn’t see anything else. I didn’t go and check.

“To be honest, I didn’t fancy it.

“I’ve always been quite sceptical with these sorts of things, but I’ve been trying to explain this and I can’t come up with an answer.”

  1. Hopkinson Ltd originally opened in the 1880s as a family-run industrial engineers merchants selling to factories, collieries and textile mills.

General manager Izzy Watts, 27, said: “I’m often in the building on my own if I stay late, so I’m a little worried.

“I’ve never felt unsafe before but the owner of the building always said something about the place never felt quite right.

“When I first saw it I said I wasn’t going to work.

“Liam had been working late on Tuesday night, staying back to re-wire the CCTV because we were doing a move-around.

“As he was re-wiring it, he was face-to-face with the screen and just saw it, rewound it and made sure he wasn’t seeing things before taking a video copy.

“When I saw it my stomach was going and I thought it was a joke. I am quite into the supernatural, so I’m convinced.

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