They use code words to run illicit sex toys racket in Delhi

New Delhi: The sex toy business is on an all time rise in the National Capital Region  these days. Police recently seized sex toys from the famous Palika Bazaar in Connaught Place. New revelations have been made by police about demand for and supply of sex toys in Delhi.

A resident of Pandav nagar area, Ashish was arrested in the raid conducted by Delhi police. During interrogation he revealed some unknown facts about the business which can help the police to put an end to the trade.

Ashish sold sex toys, porn films and sprays for medicines to stimulate sex drive on the pretext of readymade goods.

Words like “chokas”, “paau”, “poni” and “galory” may mean nothing to common people, but they were used as codes by a shopkeeper to sell sex toys in a Delhi market, police said Tuesday.

Ashish Gupta, 26, was arrested from New Delhi’s Palika Market Monday with 21 electronic sex toys, medicines, pornographic films and other obscene material, police said.

In order to attract customers and to hide his activities from police, he used a code language. “Gupta attracted his customers using the word ‘chokas’, meaning good. He would call male customers ‘paau’ and female customers ‘poni’,” police said.

In case of any trouble, he used the word ‘galory’. “For male organ, he used the word ‘Akel Ram’ while for female organ he use ‘Levedi’. He used ‘TR’ for pornographic film and for a big object he used the word ‘Langtar’,” police said.

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