Till death, this girl was celebrating friendship day at a hotel room

Indore. Friendship Day at a top hotel in Indore Lemon Tree fell from the fourth floor of the room in an army captain Ramesh Bhadoriya Shilpu Bhadoriya daughter died. The head of the girl falling from a height, eye and jaw was split into two. The girl’s uncle arrived in Indore on Monday after Prime Minister will be handed over to the body. Room had 3 boys, read the story of room number 418 …

lemon tree – Originally a resident of Gwalior, Indore Shilpu past three years was employed in a trade company.

– His father Subedar in the army and are posted in Lucknow.

 – Lemon-tree incident happened in the hotel room number 418. The girl was accompanied by three young men.

-This Product Amjalp room was booked in the name of limited company. In this case, the police detained the company as a young man Ashutosh Gore was present there at the time of the incident. While her two companions are still at large.

– About a quarter at 10 accidents were reported to the police. The detained man is being questioned by the police. His companion is also being explored.

The police searched the hotel room where he seized the girl’s mobile and purse. With this considerable amount of room wine bottles and other accessories also got offensive. Police sealed off the room.

Not long before that was

– The girl’s uncle, Rakesh Singh and some other family members have reached Indore. According to family members at home Shilpu already talked a while and it did not look normal, so do not see any reason as committing suicide.

– The presence of three young men in the room and over the lack of offensive stuff police killed trying to save me from the Gallery’s jumper probing points.

– In hotel rooms in the gallery stroll Ashutosh Gore said Shilpu fell and was sliding feet.


Cousin came in the evening, leaving the PG room

Industry House behind -girl PG (PG) as lived. His cousin lives in Vijayanagar.

-girl Day had come home to meet him. 4:30 pm PG brother had left him, but got down to his friend and then went somewhere together.

Why come -bai say Sister hotel, it is not aware of it.

-udhar, Police are collecting information about the girl’s friend.

-The Middle of the night by police who also examined CCTV footage were normal

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