Officer commits suicide as wife had illicit relations with driver

Rohtask (Bihar) Rohtas district supply officer (DSO) Avinash Kumar were very tense. His wife had an affair with his driver Sudhir Rai. Both times he was caught in a compromising situation Avinash. Opposition husband ongoing illicit relations with the wife of the driver was not ready to eliminate. This harassment husband committed suicide. A phone call from an open secret …
suicideAvinash wife and child came to Patna on Friday showed. On Saturday, with his wife on the phone was long debated. Avinash’s death during the investigation, police tracked the phone to his wife revealed the secret. The driver made a call to his wife Avinash Mishra, the police learned key. Sam was taken into custody by police.
Corpse lying on the floor of the room was full of blood
If the neighbors do not open the door any day of the worst fears. After getting information, police reached the gate of the house if they entered inside the plaza. Corpse was lying on the floor and the whole room was full of blood. Arm vein cut case of suicide, it is said to be due. Police sealed off the room and experts have been called in to investigate.
The maid was first suspected by
Avinash lived alone. On Saturday evening they were in their home. Sunday morning, when the maid had left the door of the house was locked from the inside. He shouted for a while, but no one came. Then he returned. Day, his door was closed. Due to the holiday did not notice anyone. The maid left the door open in the evening and come back but she had feared the worst. He was informed by neighbors.
DM permitted by the broken gate
The policemen tried to open the door in the neighborhood, but no sound came from inside. After getting permission from the police broke into DM. DSO’s body was found inside the house. Avinash Kumar almost 45 years. He lived alone in his residence. They are a resident of Patna Nala Road.

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