Rs. 549 crore looted by cutting roof of train bogey

CHENNAI: Robbers cut open the roof of one of the coaches of a train from Salem to Chennai that was carrying money from the RBI for the banks, and made away with around Rs 5.78 crore on Monday night.

cutThe Reserve Bank of India was transporting Rs 342 crore from Salem to Chennai on three special coaches attached to the No 11064 Salem-Chennai Egmore Express train. The train left Salem at 9pm on Monday night and reached Chennai around 4pm on Tuesday. The currencies were kept in 226 boxes.

The officials opened one of the coaches when the train reached Chennai Egmore. They found that some of the boxes had been tampered with and currencies were strewn around. They found a 2×2 feet hole on the top of the coach.

What a novel method of transporting currency? It must be an insider job, when one comes to know that 3 special coaches are attached. It is surprising, how the robbers made a hole on the top? or was there a hole earlier?

RBI sources said the robbers opened the boxes through the hole and escaped with money worth Rs 5.78 crore.

Mumbai Railway Police found cash, belongings worth over 1 crore between January and June

The Railway Protection Force have registered a case and are investigating.

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