Mission to prevent infectious diseases gained pace

Bhopal, August 10, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   Efforts to stop water borne infectious diseases due to rains have gained pace in the state. All the Doctors, Health workers, Asha and Asha Sahyogini were told to immediately inform the concerning sectors doctor or block medical officer in case of increase in the diseases in their respective areas. Boiled or chlorine treated water should be used for the drinking purpose. Chief Medical and Health Officer of Bhopal Dr. Veena Sinha has told the health workers to educate residents for prevention against the water borne infectious diseases. Besides providing information about numbers of wells, water sources and their location in the villages, instructions have been given for sprinkling of bleaching powder, ensure availability of ORS packet, chlorine tablet and zinc tablets in the houses having children of 6 months to 5 Years. Asha and Asha Sahyogini have been told to visit the houses and conduct survey about the patients of water borne diseases. In case of high fever, examine malaria in R.D kit and if found positive undertake the treatment immediately. Provide zinc tablet and ORS tablets to the patient of six months to 5 years old suffering from vomit and dysentery. Also, Information of infectious diseases should be sent immediately to the district epidemiologist, Bhopal Dr. Rashmi Jain, District Data Manager Mr. Irfan Khan or to the call center on 0755-2551291 and 0755-2551293.

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