Teacher sentenced to 10 years for raping 5 year old

rapeBhopal. The overall 5-year-old girl in Kolddrinks sleeping pill rape Itarsi schoolteacher who was jailed for 10 years by the Court. The tenant of the crime to the girl, ignoring court sentenced to ten years imprisonment. Learn another case, … Married teacher accused Dinesh Sahu Jyoti Mishra, a part of the old houses in Itarsi maiden name was given. Light at the station and brought the baby was found alone. Gutka pouches are selling when the train stops so baby was in the house. He was given the key to Dinesh alias Raju. Dinesh was getting the opportunity to rape the girl. On Tuesday, the Additional Sessions Judge of Sexual Offences Act RCS Bisen Fram Protection of Children in 2012 sentenced the accused. Teacher accused was hiding his face came into the porch of the court.

Case Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of the physical abuse and torture faced by the girl child found out about. Then 5 Itarsi station in April 2015. The committee chairman put the application CWC. City police and the housing tenant Jyoti Mishra, Dinesh Sahu school teacher accused. Both were arrested and sent to judicial remand prison Hoshangabad. When the girl’s statement before a magistrate and then physical abuse was revealed.
Anganwadi workers gave notice
Fourteen years ago, is a case in March. Anganwadi workers to some women and child development officer in a house in the old Itarsi unknown girl told of torture. The notice on 17 March 2015 by a team of child empowerment department -6 Indrpura Ward Bower of five-year old girl rescued from the apartment of the street. Found out that the girl’s father and mother were not moved anywhere.

The teacher was released on bail from the High Court
Dinesh Mishra accused the teacher a few months later was released on bail from the High Court. But the light did not bail. Additional District officials are lobbying prosecution HS Yadav said the High Court to resolve the case quickly, the court had ordered considerable. The time of the hearing the court considered reliable evidence of social workers.
Such punishment
It has been proved that the accused knew the victim girl. Confirm the identity of the accused activists boldly. Medical officer in the investigation of the reported rape and bodily injury. Another tenant in the apartment of the accused was not present in court.

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