3 boys were nude when Shilpu committed suicide, flee leaving their underwears in room

Indore: New revelations have surfaced  in case of death of the girl Shilpu Bhadoriya who fell from the balcony of lemon tree hotel. It is confirmed in the investigation that 3 boys had been flirting with her on the balcony, which later became the cause of death. The boys in the room when the torture began Shilpu came into the room and fled from the balcony jumped from four floors to protect herself. How frightened boy ran into the room, what did …

Indore– After the jump Shilpu boy in the room became so afraid that they fled the room, leaving their underwears.

– When Shilpu fell, they were nude and did not get time to wear underwear and they fled.

Ashutosh’s friend Johre – Neeraj Saraswat Dhandotia and Shailendra were charged with murder.

Ashutosh was caught by the police but Neeraj and Shailendra fled.

The accused told the three of us were drunk

-ashutosh Questioned Tuesday told the three of us were drunk.

– Shailendra Was laying hands repeatedly on Shilpu. She was quite upset.

Few minutes later, I went to the bathroom. Shilpu had jumped from the balcony then returned. “

– According to official statements by changing Ashutosh repeatedly trying to mislead.

– The statements of the three will be confirmed. Section 306 of them will be followed by a case.


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