Bollywood actress caught for prostitution in Goa

There are whispers in the fraternity that she is quite a well known name, In a shocking development, a TV actress was caught for prostitution by the Goa police a few weeks back. Grapevine says she is has done films, TV shows and is currently a part of a thriller show on TV. It seems the lady told the cops that she was in the business to ensure financial stability. As per buzz, she is quite a recognized name and people are shocked that she was caught by the cops. It seems the police picked her up from a top five star hotel in Goa. The police, it seems did not know the woman was an actress till she showed her wallpapers and videos to convince them. Seeing that, they were stunned. Back home, close associates say it was the need to support a high maintenance lifestyle that prompted her to do the same.

actress actressOne of the famous cases is that of Makdee actress Shweta Basu Prasad who was caught in Hyderabad for allegedly indulging in prostitution. A few months back, a small time TV actress was also picked up from Goregaon for running a full-fledged prostitution ring.

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