Double tragedy for Martyr Niranjan’s family

The demolition drive for the houses built on Rajakulve is costing a tad bit more to the residents who are on the verge of losing their houses to the drive.

Case in brief

1Lt. Colonel Niranjan’s house is built on Rajakulve.

290 odd buildings identified for demolition in the same area.

3Demolition continues as citizens demanded compensation for the loss.

Demolition drive has taken Bengaluru’s Vidyaranyapura by storm. Family of Lt Col Niranjan who died in the Pathankot attack in April now faces the challenge of losing the memory of the room he lived in.

From 2002 to 2004, martyr Niranjan’s family built their dream home with no idea about the Rajakaluve that runs underneath their home. The presence of the drain came to light yesterday when the municipal bodies conducted the survey.

Sushant, brother of Niranjan, said, “We had no idea then. This pillar stands on the drain. But by removing this, half the home gets damaged. How can we fight?”

It’s double tragedy for the family. They lost Lt col niranjan in April this year. Now its the room that he lived in. This room was specially built for his marriage. The family is devastated after losing the person and now the memory of the room.

The engineer and his team have identified 90 odd buildings in this area where the Rajakaluve runs from here to the Doddabommasandra lake up to one kilometre. While Niranjan’s house still has time, the one opposite was demolished to its half. The family there returned to only find half of their home.

Sanjay, relative of the owner, said, “We have lost everything. We pledged everything to build this in 2000. Now where will the family go? This is the only shelter of theirs. They gave no time.”

The process of demolition continued as citizens demanded compensation for the loss. So far, their pleas have fell on deaf ears.

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