Driver rapes girl by threatening to kill mother

Sadulpur (Churu). Haryana on the tip of a screwdriver in the car from minor rape case unfolded. A mother was walking with her two daughters. The driver sitting in the cab of a minor locked it and the car ran. The driver was on the way to wage it. The victim protests screwdriver showing intimidated and raped by the driver……..

– Police said the victim (17), hails from PS khalda Narnaul (Haryana).

– With his mother and younger sister had come to work in the village Bevaad of Sadulpur.

– Returning Bevd they were walking toward the Rampura. During this time he came up behind the car stopped.

– Minor car sitting in the driver took the car and lock the car took Bgakr. The mother’s younger sister, said.

– The mother and sister started screaming and crying. Then there are a few people came.

– Meanwhile, three kilometers with the car stopped and the accused became obscene gestures.

– The victim refused and threatened to kill the screwdriver out torture.

– Behind the car was written by Sunil BPM Chdklan school.

– Later, when the driver in front of another car pushed the victim out of the car.

– The second train him to bring him to his mother and sister.

– Local people came to the police station and lodged a complaint with the trio.

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